at your session. Getting your photos done can be such an intimidating thought…what do we do. Will the kids listen? Will the husband smile…? Awww! Well, settle down.. deep breath, my main goal is to photograph you in this season of your life. I will not only capture poses… I know you want that Christmas card, above the fireplace shot. But I want to capture moments as well. So at our session I help get you into our poses that best fit your session. From there I prompt you into natural moments. We have fun, laugh, and quickly snap photos along the way. I want your photos to be you, to show your love and connection with each other!

One of the best things to remember at your session is to have fun. Its so important that you and your family enjoy this experience because if you are not, it will show in your photos. RELAX AND LOVE ON YOUR FAMILY.

Another thing to remember is to always be touching someone. Whether it’s a hug, kiss, or snuggle. Even a hand held or on shoulder.. Make sure to make contact with your family. This Shows so so loudly in your photos as love and connection.

I don’t want this to be a stressful experience for you. So don’t stress if your kids are nervous or acting a little wild. Thats completely okay. Kids are kids. I embrace them in every aspect of who they are! Yes we are aiming for some posed photos too we want to document you guys in this season of life. So picking them up, cuddling them, tickling them, kissing on them can start laughter and real life moments! Just being in that moment with them is the most important part. 

Also, though for many of you this will be us meeting for the first time. Trust the process. You’d be so surprised how quickly a smile comes and goes. But I always say my camera is quicker!!

Poof Your session is over… now what? You’re in the car driving to get whatever you bribed your kids with.. ha! That’s my style too! You’re so excited to see how the turned out. I have good news for you. The next day I post a sneak peek. A few photos to hold you over until your whole gallery is complete! Gallery delivery each season this time frame can change. Ask me for a more updated timeframe for this.

Im so excited for your session! If you found this blog post before booking, I hope this helps ease your mind or stresses about booking a session. Reach out to me any time