Model call styled session

One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is to style a shoot. I pick out the outfit, location, props, etc. We go out and have fun! For me this is a great way for me to fuel my creativity, as well as to show my clients more ways to envision sessions. My goal is to help inspire you for future sessions with me!

With being a Spokane Photographer we have access to some beautiful places from mountain tops, rivers, beautiful woods, to urban settings. I love to show a wide range of use for these areas. So with styled shoots it really gives me the freedom to really show a vision I have. I hope these are also fueling for you too. I hope that they can inspire you when you’re thinking of our next session together. To try something new. Creative, out of the box! I’m always up for new ideas.

When I do these styled shoots they are usually discounted rates, because you wear what I want, go to the location I want etc. You do receive all the goodness from what we create, from the images and video! So its a great time to be apart of the fun and get images for a discounted rate. I don't do these regularly though, so I wouldn't count on them happening all the time. I also only accept one person per styled shoot this can limit it from needing a baby included, a specific age child or number of children, to needing a pregnancy belly! Its all determined by the style of the shoot im wanting to do.

Maybe though you want to be apart of this in s different way? Maybe you're a creative and you want to take photos yourself? I’m always down. I do these differently for each styled shoot I Do, so just reach out and ask! Im friendly I promise!

Below see more from a Maternity model call I did. I really wanted to use this Skirt. With it being so beautiful, big, glam. I wanted to add some contrast with an old rustic barn. This is how it turned out. I also did video at this session to show what beauty a video can add to a maternity session. To be able to look back and watch a video just adds a touch that nothing else quite can. I love video and I want to show the beauty of adding it to your normal sessions not just your wedding day!!