You’re ready to book your wedding photographer!

Yay! One of the top questions I get asked is what photos they want and what photos they have time for. It’s important to remember time is everything. The more of it you have me there for, the more photos you will get. The more combos of poses you will get. 

When looking up photos on whatever platform you do, it’s easy to get carried away. There are also so many shot lists out there that it makes it easy to copy and paste and just expect those. I really encourage you to sit down with me or your photographer and create this list together! We have a realistic idea of what we can accomplish on your big day! That is custom to your wants and your timeline! 

Below is my basic outline of a full day shot list. From this we customize it and adjust what we need for your day!

At the end of the day I highly encourage you NOT to copy and paste a list from the internet and to create one with me or your photographer!

Wedding shot list

Arrival -

Getting ready


      Bride details

Dress shot

Bride getting ready

bride and bridal party in any special attire

helping bride into dress

bride and mom special shot


Details - shoes tie etc

groom alone getting ready shots

fun shots with groomsmen

groom and dad special shot

all the groomsmen putting boutonnieres on

Dad and groom special shot

First look

Groom and bride set up and then process of first look

We can also do a dad and bride first look


Bridal party

Full bridal party (bride groom bridesmaid groomsmen)

poses and candid shots

bride and bridesmaid

Posed and candid

Bride with each individual brides maid

Groom and grooms men

Posed and candid 

Groom and each individual groomsmen

Bride and groom Singles

Posed and candid - variety of shots


Bride and groom -brides parents

Bride - brides parents

Bride- mom

Bride- dad

Bride and groom- parents and siblings

Bride - parents and siblings

Bride- siblings

Bride and groom- siblings families (each separate)

Bride and groom -grooms parents 

Groom - parents 

Groom - mom

Groom - dad 

Groom - parents siblings 

Groom- siblings 

Bride and groom- siblings families (each separate)

Bride and groom - both families

Sometimes added

Bride with both moms

Groom with both dads

Bride with mom and grandma

Groom with dad and grandpa (generations photos)

Bride and groom with kids if they have any


Bridal party line procession 

All the details

First kiss

Exit line procession




First dance

Bride and dad dance

Groom and mom dance


cake cutting

Guest Interactions 

Sunset Photos(if the timing is lined up with the time of sunset)


Like I said this is a basic list that can be adjusted added to and customized to your wedding and your needs!! Lets chat and create your shot list and timeline!!