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Maybe you found me from a friend, a google search, or my social media, either way you are here and im Grateful for that. Welcome! You'll Find lots of great info here but im here to chat and answer any questions! Photography is my passion. I live for getting you those perfect images. Don't let nerves stop you from capturing your moments! I'll walk you through everything!

Hey, its me Nicole

Lighthearted, Fun, Easy are all thing I want you to feel when you work with me. I take the time to plan our session a head of time, so that when the time comes the flow of the session is seamless, easy, and fun (hopefully you laughed at my jokes). Don't worry about knowing "how" to pose and be during a photo session. That's what I am for. I'll direct you, we have fun, we do silly things, But trust the process. My goal is to give you a full gallery. Full of love, smiles, laughter, and your perfect shots

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