Wedding day tips

Your wedding is fast approaching and you can feel at ease but also like... am I forgetting anything? *heart flutters from that anxious feeling trying to remember it all!!* Hey! Stop that let me help you! Ive been to a few weddings myself.. ha! These will definitely favor me and my job. Because that’s what I know best! That’s what im experienced in! 

First off use this as a base for what you have me at your wedding for, if you don’t have me arriving for getting ready photos you can read past that. Or if you have me leaving before reception, you can stop before then! I do encourage you to read it all though. Maybe im not there for something but these tips can help you still in other ways!


  • Have all your detailed items in a box In your getting ready area for me! This includes both rings, perfume, necklace, your vows, invites, shoes, flowers(If you have extra flowers or greenery from your bouquets save them for these), etc. This is any of those small details that can be otherwise missed or overlooked on your day! I take your detailed shots quickly upon arrival.
  • Have your dress out and on a hanger (custom one if you have it) ready for me too get your dress shot!
  • Choose a corner or area for everyones things like bags, jackets, etc. Try to eliminate the amount of clutter that you have in your getting ready area. This will help with photos and the clean look. I suggest asking someone in your tribe before hand to help keep an eye on this.


  • Have the groom have their items if you want a groom style detailed shot. This can be their belt, shoes, watch, rings (I can’t transport this for the quick shot then bring it back to bridal area) socks, tie, cuffs, boutonniere, flask etc.
  • Tell the grooms to leave their phones in their getting ready area. Or they will be taking them out of their pockets a million times and tossing them. But as speed of the day picks up this can be overlooked and bulging pockets from phones NEVER looks good!


  • Have your officiant announce no phones.
  • Have your officiant step out of the way as he says to kiss. Have your maid of honor ready to pull them if they forget!
  • This seems so simple but Look up when walking! Often bridal party and bride are so nervous and also nervous of tripping? They are watching their steps. Often not sure where to look. Look ahead, look around, Look at me!!
  • Hold your kiss for longer than you're used to!!! And then kiss again somewhere walking down the aisle!! 


  • White chalk covers things that get on your dress.
  • Boob/fashion tape!
  • CROCHET HOOK for your dress buttons!
  • Don’t forget to schedule a snack break before you walk down the aisle.
  • Writing speeches on a piece of paper vs phone.
  • Don’t wear a bra the morning of or wear it loosely, it will leave marks and redness!

Remember to Soak it all in! And don’t be afraid to delegate! This is your day! Let people help you.