Meet Melinda and David

Wedding date: May 26, 2020 - Beacon Hill

Melinda is pretty chill, she is my husbands second cousin. She just wants her day documented well. We won't be there long. She didn't have a huge budget but values the quality we can provide! They are both very shy and self proclaimed awkward! Melinda wants the princess experience!

Beacon Hill Events

4848 E Valley Springs Rd

Spokane Wa, 99217

Arrival time:4:30pm // Departure time:7:00pm

Family Group Shots





Bridal Party shots

Fun candid Bridesmaids and some traditional

Fun candid Groomsmen and some traditional

Bridal Party Names

Bridesmaid 3 - Erica, Stefanie and Angela

Groomsmen - I will follow up

Not seeing each other before ceremony