Wedding date: May 26, 2020 - Beacon Hill

Meet Melinda and David

Melinda is pretty chill, she is my husbands second cousin. She just wants her day documented well. We won't be there long. She didn't have a huge budget but values the quality we can provide! They are both very shy and self proclaimed awkward! Melinda wants the princess experience!

Beacon Hill Events

4848 E Valley Springs Rd

Spokane Wa, 99217

Arrival time:4:30pm // Departure time:7:00pm

Family Group Shots





Bridal Party shots

Fun candid Bridesmaids and some traditional

Fun candid Groomsmen and some traditional

Bridal Party Names

Bridesmaid 3 - Erica, Stefanie and Angela

Groomsmen - I will follow up

Not seeing each other before ceremony