Tuesday, September 19, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Welcome back for Project Life week 37.  

The main event of the week is the last three pictures on my page.  Dress up as your favorite Disney character night at E3.  The boys were so on board with this.  We don't do Halloween in our family, so this was the perfect opportunity for them to have some fun dressing up.  Bram immediately knew that he wanted to be The Mad Hatter and about a week later, Cael decided on Jack Frost.  We had a little under one week left to pull it all together, but we did it and we did it well!  I bought Cael a navy blue sweatshirt and some silver glitter glue that he used to make frost.  He also had a pair of tan pants that he added some glitter "frost" to and then to complete his outfit, he had a pretty cool wooden, carved walking stick.  For Bram, I ordered an oversized hat and wig combo and I bought him a crazy pair of socks.  To accompany that, his dad gave him an old sweater to cut up and sew buttons on and I gave him my tan jacket and hand warmers.  I must say that they both looked pretty spot on.  I had as much fun as they did and was so super excited to see them all dressed up when it was time for youth on Wednesday.

The rest of my page is basically, Latte being Latte, lol, me loving my coffee and a picture of the love of my life.

Thanks for reading today.  I hope you have a very happy Tuesday.

Friday, September 15, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Okay, so this week I have got to be short, as in worded...  I'm already short in height, lol.  

Last Sunday was an absolutely beautiful, perfect day, so knowing that Brammie loves Sonic, Stevie suggested that we eat lunch there after church to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.  Eating in the van is just not super convenient for us because Steve is gluten-free and needs to order everything without a bun and silverware and eating in vans is just hard guys.  Plus I just got my van detailed guys, like I paid BIG bucks for it and I am not going to get food crumbs in my van yet, if I don't have to, lol.  

Some of my other pictures...  we see deer in the park when we go for walks, the bugs in Iowa are ridiculous right now, like so gross, the fall-ish sunsets are gorgeous even though I will never say that I enjoy fall, lol.  The kids like to have jumping contests when I have to run to the store during the day and I make them take a break from school, while I am gone...  it's not in the picture, but even Latte joined in on the fun, lol.

On Labor day, Cael went zip lining with some friends up in Dubuque.  He said it was AWESOME!!  Which I am sure it was!  We already have the zip line company picked out that we want to use on our next trip back to Maui.  That and horseback riding and a few other things that we didn't do last time but want to get in this time.  On Thursday night I took Cael boy out for his special day.  The lunch meal didn't work out well that day for us, so we opted for dinner and he picked The Taste of China...  YUM!!

Lastly, I included a couple of pics from our date weekend...  Fat Jimmy's a new BBQ place close to us that we tried out on Friday night and loved and then an ice cream ussie at Halls.

Thanks for stopping in today!  I hope you have a very happy Friday and a super great weekend!!  :D

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Okay, so maybe you can't tell because it appears that my page has about as many pictures as any other week does, but this week I was bad guys.  I hardly took any pictures and I even had to use a couple of older pics just to fill my page.  Just keeping it real...  cuz life isn't perfect, right?  Pretty close sometimes and I have lots of perfect moments, but sometimes you just gotta adjust and go with the flow.

So this week, I both found a certain coffee creamer that I had been looking everywhere for at least two weeks and I had the most amazing FREE caramel frappuccino, just because!  Steve told me that I should probably just drink that Starbucks drink sitting right in the ER, lol...  it was sooooo YUM and I didn't need any medical assistance!

I included a group pic of the kids and one of Colie Cakes, after Bram had done her hair for her.  A couple of totally adorable Latte the Pup pics { those are the ones that I totally didn't take this week, lol }, a middle of the week date night for my Lovey and I at our fave barbeque place and the first two pages of the latest round of #30lists.

That's pretty much it for this week.  Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a very happy Wednesday! :D

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Another busy week, but mostly at the beginning of the week.  It started off with the Total Solar Eclipse, which wasn't total in our area but was at about 96-ish percent maximum coverage here.  Solar glasses weren't super easy to find, but I did finally find the real deal online at B&H Photo.  Unfortunately, some companies started to sell some that weren't entirely safe...  very sad.  Anyway, it was a super cloudy day, but I was determined to believe what we had prayed the night before and that was that we would be able to see the eclipse and not miss out because of bad weather.  So at around 11:45, we all got in the van and headed to Burger King's drive thru so that we could take some food up to the overpass that was located not too far behind our house, even though when we left the house it was still super cloudy and gloomy and it had even started to rain.  But by the time we got to our destination though, our prayers were answered and the skies had started to clear and the sun was starting to shine!  It was amazing and it turned out to be the perfect viewing opportunity, with the clouds only returning after totality { maximum coverage for us } had happened, which was just perfect!  It was a pretty unique opportunity, with the darkening of the daytime hours, not completely, but it definitely got darker and then also the change in the temperature, which was noticeably cooler.  We didn't get to see any unusual shadows that some had witnessed because we were out away from anything that would cast a shadow, but our mid of the day, homeschool adventure was super fun and I'm sure will be something that the kids remember when they are all older.  Also on Monday, we had Latte's birthday party.  She turned two the day before on the 20th, but since the kids were at their dad's over the weekend, we held off celebrating until they were home with us again.  Latte was a good sport and as always, was adorable...  so excited and eager to find out what was in her birthday boxes.  We got her a crinkly toy, a pink Cubbies jersey and two special doggie cookie treats from the pet store.  Her fave was definitely the tasty treats, lol.

This week I also got to take my favorite 12 year old out for lunch.  His restaurant of choice was Taste of China, which I hadn't been to eat at, in YEARS.  I am so glad that was his pick because I enjoyed it immensely and secretly hope he picks it again for one of his next special day lunches.  Sometime last week (I can't remember which night it was for sure), Lanie called me to tell me that she had just caught a live gecko in her house and that she screamed just like I would have...  LOL!!  Yep, it is hereditary, folks, lol!!  Another encounter we had this week was with a dung beetle.  I had seen a beetle in my garage as I was getting out of my van one day and my first thought is that it was a japanese beetle, nothing special, but as I got closer I could tell that the bug had a horn.  So I took a picture of what I then named the unibug and Cael identified it using one of my bug themed field books.  I was actually surprised it was a poop beetle, lol, but definitely amazed at how pretty they actually were.

Thanks for stopping by to read about our amazing week!  I hope you have a very happy Tuesday!  :D

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Weeks are just zooming by, guys!  Week 33 was a great week, although I know it's tough to tell by the pics, lol.  I was kinda lax on the ole picture taking.

The week started off with taking Steve's mom out for her birthday.  She picked to eat at Gators, which was A-okay with me because I love, love, love their oriental salad.  On Tuesday night we decided to go out for dinner because some of our other plans had changed.  We ate at KFC/Taco Bell, our new restaurant of choice, where we can all find something to eat!  On Thursday Brammie wanted to go with Daddy to visit grandma Lila, so he took some bread along and fed the ducks on the pond at the nursing home.  A couple of pictures of Latte the Pup and then the fake shave{d} ice we had from Ice Monkey are also included.  I had super high hopes for the shave{d} ice, but I should have known that Ululani's in Kihei is just always going to be the best, no matter what.  Although I don't have any more pictures to support it, Stevie and I had a super fun weekend together, while the kidlets were at their dad's house.  We haven't had very many date weekends this summer because of all the summer activities going on, so we took full advantage of our time together and enjoyed every single minute we had.

Thanks for coming by my blog today!  I hope you have a very happy Tuesday!!  :D

Thursday, August 17, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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A Day In The Life




July 31, 2017 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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This year is just blowing right past me...  at this point, we only have 20 weeks left in 2017!  This week's page is partially last week's page too.  You may have noticed, or maybe you didn't, that August 5th was the ending date on my week 31 page, but also my beginning date on my week 32 page.  That is because I found a few pictures on my phone that I had forgotten about, that were from last week and not discovered until after I had already shared my week 31.  So, instead of redoing my page, I decided to just include them on this week's page, because I am doing much better these days at being flexible and not having to have everything just perfect.

So this page includes Cael picking out his new violin from the music store, us enjoying the annual Cody James concert in Rand Park, a super cold and rainy Sunday in August, our first day of school and last but not least, a special day lunch out with Colie Cakes.

I'm keeping this post short and sweet mostly because I am late posting already, but also because I have other things to tackle on my to do list today.  Thank you for coming by to read!  I hope you all have a very happy Wednesday!  :D

Tuesday, August 08, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Hello everyone!!  Week 31 was our last week of summer vacation and it began with us driving to Lebanon, MO to pick up the boys after spending over a week with Lanie, in Tulsa.  It was a short meet up, but it is always, always good to be able to see Lanie, even if it's just for an hour or so.  

On Monday I did a documenting project called A Day In The Life, which is, in a nutshell, documenting one full day of life, from morning to night, by taking one picture an hour, on the hour and adding in a little bit of journaling.  I haven't completed my album yet, but am in the process and loving it.  This week, Colie Cakes decided that she wanted to get her hair cut when I took Bram in for a haircut, so Lesa cut off about 4 inches.  I love it and Colie loves it! :D  And to wrap up week 31, we had a family reunion in Burlington on Saturday afternoon.  The weather was perfect and it was super great to see everyone again...  it couldn't have been a better day!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you have a very happy Tuesday!!  :D

Thursday, August 03, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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I can't believe we are at week 30 already!!  This year is going by too fast!!  

This weeks' page is all about the boysies being in Tulsa with Lanie and Colie getting to experience being an only child for a whole week!  The boysies were gone from Saturday to the following Sunday.  Although they had a lot of down time, while Lanie worked during the daytime, they still kept really busy and packed in a lot of fun.  On Sunday they got to experience Church on the Move in the morning and then in the evening, they went to Rhema for a camp meeting.  Going to church with Lanie is one of Steve and I's favorite things to do when we are in town.  Most days the boysies stayed home to take care of Solo, but on Tuesday they went to work with Lanie and got to go do some painting at the Purple Glaze.  Their week was filled with lots and lots of shopping and yummy good food.  They also did a lot of swimming and movie watching, getting to see Spiderman Homecoming on Friday afternoon.  The boysies had a super fun week and the first day that Lanie woke up without them there with her, she text me saying that she missed them, so I'm pretty positive it was a great week for all of them.  Now Colie is looking forward to being able to stay with her big sister, all by herself, when she gets a little older.  She did love getting all the attention here at home though.  We had lots of girl time and whenever we went out for lunch or dinner, she always got to pick.  It was a pretty great week for all of us!

Thanks for coming by today!  I hope you have a very happy Thursday!!  :D

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
By Nicole Lynn
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Well, that week zoomed right on by! :(  One minute she was here and the next, she was gone.  But I enjoyed every fast minute I had with her!! 

After taking a group of girls to camp last week, Lanie was able to stay another week with us, at home.  I can't tell you how good that did my heart!  It was absolutely the best having her home and getting that extra time with her.  We all LOVED it!!

Since Cael's birthday fell during the week that the three oldest were away at camp, we celebrated this week and better yet, with Lanie!  She isn't able to join on the birthday festivities much anymore, living so far away.  On Monday we went out for dinner with G-ma, whose birthday is also in July and just happened to be that exact day, so both Cael and G-ma got a free dessert at Chandlers, with candles to blow out.  On Tuesday night I made Cael's favorite meal { fried rice } and then we had his party, at home, after that.  G-ma was there to help us celebrate.  Unfortunately, the only one to help us do that these days, since losing my dad last year and the aging of my grandparents that makes them no longer able to travel.  I miss the old days, badly.  Well, some of the old days, not all of them.

This week Lanie introduced me to my new favorite summer drink...  a strawberry acai refresher made with lemonade...  YUM!!  I'm hooked!  On Wednesday, we all made a trip to B-town to shop for school supplies for the three youngest and on our way, we stopped by one of Lanie's friends' house to let her new puppy out for a potty break.  Oh my goodness, if we didn't already have plans to go to B-town, we would have stayed and played with the little cutie all afternoon!  She was so playful and full of energy!!

On Thursday, I took Cael out for his special day lunch and he picked Chuong Garden, which actually sounded really good to me for a change.  I loved it and secretly hope he picks it again, next time, lol!  The vegetable low mein and crab rangoons that I ordered were YUM!!  We had a great lunch...  I love that time with each of them sooooo much!!

The last two weeks have been tarzan hot, even more so last week, but this week was a pretty consistent 90+ degrees every day.  Doing anything outside, besides swimming, was pretty much out of the question.

On Saturday, we said goodbye to Lanie and the two boysies for a week.  Cael and Bram headed back to Tulsa with their big sis to hang out and experience a little bit of the city life for nine days.  We are missing them, but they are having a blast, from what we hear!  I can't wait to hear about all their adventures!

Thanks for checking out my blog today!  I hope you have a very happy Tuesday!!  :D

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