Welcome to my One Little Word blog!  This project is about choosing one word...  one little word to focus on, live with, investigate, write about, create with, take action with and reflect upon, as I go about my daily life in 2017. It's a word that I will continuously keep in front of me, throughout the year. A word that will transform me into the very best version of me that I can possibly be!  My One Little Word for 2017 is NOURISH.  This word allows for many different angles to be taken, but the angle that I have chosen, for my word, is on nourishing four very specific ones that I love...  my children.  It's about spiritual, physical, and emotional nourishment and it's also about nourishing them in ways that will continue to provide wisdom, skills, and qualities that they will need to thrive and to live a successful life.  Basically, it's about doing what I've always done, but bigger and better.  It's about being committed to not getting distracted by life and the obstacles, distractions and busyness it seems to bring.  I am so super excited about this project...  for all the great opportunities, experiences and moments that it will give my children and myself, within the process of completing this project, as well as in the future.  I hope that you will follow my One Little Word journey, as I share this real, raw, personal life changing adventure with you!  :)

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