Welcome to my December Daily blog!  I am so super excited about this project that I happened to discover through the friends that I have made this year, in the #30lists community.  For those who may not be familiar with this project, December Daily is a project that documents snippets of daily life, specifically December life.  It involves telling one story a day, long or short, usually through a photo and journaling, along with the perfect mix of embellishments.  I have never been one to get excited about December.  Mostly because, when I think about December, I think about the cold, I think about snow {which I strongly dislike}, I think about all the busy, busy, busy and I think about what Christmas has turned into, with all the commercialism, but in this project, I am truly hoping to gain a different outlook on one of the biggest and best times of the year to celebrate.  I hope to find true joy in this season of the year that I usually don't look forward to.  I know life will be busy in December, but that's life...  it's real life and that's what I want to document for our family...  real life memories.  By nature, I am a detailed planner, so I am going to do my best to just let go and let the daily stories come to me.  I don't want them to be over thought or unnatural.  I don't want them to be planned or staged.  I want them to be real and I want them to be us!  I will be posting one story, every day, for the month of December, here on my blog.  Some people only take this project up to Christmas Day, but for at least this year, I am going to go through the entire month of December, because we, for sure, have holiday plans that extend beyond December 25th and I definitely want to include those celebrations in my album.  I hope you come back often & that you enjoy following my very first December Daily journey!  I am so excited to share this fun adventure with you!  :)

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